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Premium feature


Rather than making all the decisions yourself, create a poll for the other attendees to vote on. Shape the perfect event knowing that the majority will be happy.

Premium feature


Never be out of pocket. In the one-to-one section of your event dashboard you'll be able to view how much each attendee still owes you (assuming it costs something to attend your event).

Existing Features

Guest List


An event is only as good as the people you share it with.

From Guest List you can:

  • Send out invitations to your event via email or sms
  • See the current status of invitations which have been sent, including how long ago it was sent, or when it was declined.
  • Eject an attendee from your event



Make important announcements to everyone attending your event.

From Announcements you can:

  • Make announcements that you want seen by everyone attending your event.
  • An announcement can be marked 'important' meaning all attendees will receive a notification of the announcement.
  • Announcements appear on the front page of the event view for attendees.

Group Chat

Group chat

The key to any great event: Conversation

Group Chat provides:

  • An area for all attendees to chat freely.
  • Even late additions to the event will still be able to look back through the chat so no-one will feel left out.


one to one

Interact with each attendee on a private level, away from the group.

From One-To-One you can:

  • Interact on a more personal level with each person attending your event.
  • Have a private conversation with each attendee, away from the group.
  • This feature is currently being expanded to allow further personal interaction.



Keep on top of what still needs to be sorted out.

Tasks provides:

  • A simple to-do list for your event.
  • Add tasks as you think of them, and check them off as you complete them.


time management

Keep everyone up to date on the itinerary

From Activities you can:

  • Create an itinerary for your event. If the event spans more than one day, you can detail the itinerary for each day.
  • Keep everyone informed of the schedule, and make as many changes as you need up until the event kicks off.

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