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Attendd.io takes the hassle out of event planning. It puts everything you need to organise the perfect event in one place.

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Step 1 Create

Best friend's birthday? Bachelor party? Baby shower? Whatever the occassion, Attendd can help. After entering some basic details about your event, you can then manage everything about it through the dashboard. It contains a bunch of useful features, including:

  • Announcements

    Make important announcements regarding the event, and Attendd makes sure they're seen by everyone attending.

  • Tasks

    Keep track of whatever you have left to arrange before the event kicks off.

  • Guest List

    Instantly see who's attending your event and who can't make it.

Event dashboard example

Step 2 Invite

This is where Attendd really shines. Send a personally-tailored message to whomever you wish to invite, either by email or sms. Attendd then seamlessly keeps track of those invitations. At a glance you can see who's accepted, who's yet to respond, and who won't be coming. An automated guest list for your event.

  • Less admin, more fun.

    Let Attendd handle the boring task of constantly keeping your guest list up-to-date. Send an invitation then just sit back and watch your guest list grow.

  • Notifications

    Get notified immediately both in app and via email when someone accepts or declines one of your invitations.

Example of event guest list

Step 3 Interact

Anticipation is half the fun. Attendd provides a space for everyone to interact before the event even takes place.

  • As a group

    Everyone attending the event can use the group chat. Share ideas, get to know each other, whatever!

  • One on one

    As the event organiser you can also talk privately with each attendee.

Group chat example

Create your first event right now.

Still not sure?

We really do believe that Attendd makes planning events so much easier, so if you have any questions, reservations, or are just not quite sure what it's all about, then we'd love to hear them. Our inbox is always open.

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